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Karin, Nilla and manos

manos ceramic workshop & shop on Södermalm in Stockholm is our home. Here we create and sell our ceramics, all handthrown or built by hand. Much of what we do is modern household goods in a well-thought-out functional form. We work with highly fired stoneware clays and we have experimented with our glazes in a natural color scale, where everything is beautiful to combine with each other. As much as we love the finely tuned, we like to bring in something that breaks off and makes it rub a little.

In our creative business, we work actively to find a sustainable way of working, where we try to maintain a curious and permissive perspective. During the working year, we have periods of exploration with a constantly lively conversation about how exactly manos should be and develop.

It is our hope that this permissive approach also pervades our course activities, in everything from short to long courses. That manos is a place for creative meetings in several different ways.

How it all began

The story of manos started as a thought already during Karin's years of education in London and took shape in 2007 when she took over a beautiful premises at Överjärva farm in Solna. Manos opened in what used to be an orangery, with a mix of ceramics, arts and crafts and design. Here, Karin and Nilla's paths met for the first time.

Manos grew and developed, and in 2010 moved to its current premises. Karin started teaching ceramics courses and it was on such a course that Nilla started, something that over time developed into a long-term apprenticeship. With a big common beating heart for ceramics and creativity, Karin and Nilla run and develop the business together since 2022.

Manos soul

Our most important tool when working with clay is our hands, they are constantly replenished with experience and knowledge and are the basis of everything we do. In the handmade there are small differences and that is what we think is so beautiful and permissive. That's why we're so happy about the company's nice name, manos, which means hands in Spanish.

Karin Eriksson and Nilla Hellzén

About the store

In our nice shop at Renstiernas gata 22 in Stockholm, you can find our ceramics together with things that we think go well with it. It can be green plants, good chocolate, beautiful linen - things you can find here in the online shop and much more. In the store you will meet our lovely employees Vonna and Adam. They know everything about what we sell and wrap fantastic packages - often with a small ceramic heart. Not so often, our workshop dog Sam appears, he is a dwarf poodle who is kind to everyone.

PS It is Adam who helped us make our website and shop - he certainly did a brilliant job!

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