Barrel on foot, ochre

A unique, handthrown cake plate for the little pastry. We like to use several dishes in different heights and widths to get a table setting that is both practical and playful. This particular cake plate is glazed in our "dark ochre" in a stoneware clay that we mixed ourselves. The clay has small dots that show up nicely under the glaze. The glaze tends to be darker around the edges, a feature we appreciate because it makes the surface so alive.  

Designer / manufacturer: Nilla Hellzén at manos.

Size: 40mm height, 130mm diameter.

Care: wash in dishwasher or by hand. Microwave safe.

Material: high-fired stoneware clay. All ceramics at manos are made by hand and small variations may occur in size, color and surface. That makes the handmade ceramics so unique and special

450 kr
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