Greenhouse internship

An inspiring handbook on greenhouses and cultivation by Karin Eliasson. The greenhouse practice was nominated for this year's gardening book 2023 by the Gartner Society, and we think the nomination text describes the book so well:

"For those of us who have dreamed of our own greenhouse for a long time, Karin Eliasson's book "Växthuspraktikan" ("Greenhouse practice") will be a safe hand to hold! Through a combination of depth, breadth and moderation, Eliasson guides us through everything we need to know about how to choose a place for the greenhouse , what we should think about when growing in a greenhouse, about soil and about fertilization. "Växthuspraktikan" helps us when we have to choose between different types of greenhouses as well as plants to grow. Eliasson has succeeded in writing a book that not only gives the beginner what he needs, but also the experienced grower a lot of new things to delve into.”

Size: x x mm

Author: Karin Eliasson

Photo: Helena Kaasik

Form: Oscar Liedgren

Illustrations: Flora Liedgren

Publisher: Sweden Green House

289 kr
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